365 Days, 365 Photos : 01/06/2008


Reflection of a gate in a puddle. I was actually trying to take photos of the ripples caused by raindrops, but I started out with the 20mm lens and longer exposure times. A fortunate accident, because it lent me a bunch of nice photographs of this gate reflection in the puddle. I later managed to get some photos of raindrop ripples using the 50mm lens and shorter shutter speeds.

Oh, and to protect my camera from the rain, I cut a hole in a plastic freezer bag to stick the lens though, and made sure the bag covered the rest of the body. It was interesting to shoot in those less-than-ideal conditions.

EXIF data

This blog is fast becoming more of a photo blog than a music blog. I might have to rectify that by going to the Tower Bar tonight to catch The Muslims, The Prayers The Sess, and Xerox…