365 Days, 365 Photos: 01/07/2009


EXIF data (sorry, can’t remember which aperture disc I had in – maybe f/5.6?)

I’m still struggling with the Lensbaby. But since so much shit was out of whack today, it felt like the most natural lens choice.

It’s hard to use this lens in a way that I find pleasing to my eye. The selective focus effect still seems a little hokey too me, and the shots that I take with it that I do end up liking usually just mimic Holga shots.

But I feel like this is a shot that I would be hard-pressed to pull off with any other lens. To pull the bare branches out as the subject of the photo, with all the bright-colored leaves (not to mention sky) in the background, is something that I think only the Lensbaby could do. You could argue that the 50mm with a wide aperture might do it, but I don’t know that I’d trust you on that.

This photo makes me think of Halloween. And fall. In January. Thanks, San Diego.