365 Days, 365 Photos: 01/08/2008

Geisel Library HDR merge of four images, shot by Natalie Kardos

This is the first HDR (high dynamic range) photo that I ever compiled. I read briefly about it the other day on some site or another, but only so far as to know that I had to take bracketed exposures and combine them somehow. So today, when I was up near Geisel Library taking regular old long-exposure shots, I decided to take some under- and over-exposed shots as well. Then I followed the instructions on this site to merge the images in Photoshop. I’m quite pleased with the results – I keep staring at the image, completely taken aback by the amount of detail in both the highlights and the shadows. Amazing what you can do these days.

No EXIF data on this one, since it’s a composite, but all the photos were taken at ISO 100, f11, with varying shutter speeds to bracket the exposures.

Two more examples, also of Geisel Library.