365 Days, 365 Photos: 02/25/2009


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This was the day that I decided to go running for the first time in a long time. Mostly because I had some stuff to work through in my brain – enough to cover 1.5 miles. I was pretty happy with that, even though I felt like crap the entire time. My breathing doesn’t work so well while running, and I have a tendency to immediately get all stuffed up. But the feeling at the end was pretty worth it.

After that, I cleaned myself up and headed down to the Casbah to catch A. C. Newman. Ended up spending most of the time listening from the patio while catching up with Rosey and Daye, so I didn’t manage to take any photos there. I did, however, purchase a rad poster (which he signed) and meet the man. It was a pretty good day.