365 Days, 365 Photos: 03/31/2009

03/31/2009 - Train window reflection

EXIF data

I went with this photo as my photo-of-the-day because it looks like it should be a multiple exposure – something I am sad you can’t really do with a digital SLR. Yeah, I know, you can layer multiple shots in Photoshop, but it doesn’t have the same happy accident-type feeling. I should shoot some multiple exposures on film sometime…

Anyway, the reason it looks like a multiple exposure is because it was taken out the window of the train from O’Hare in Chicago. The squiggly bright lines are from buildings, the straightish white-to-red lines are from cars on the highway, and the rest is the reflection of the train car in the window.

Also. This was taken at about 4:30AM. I’m mostly just happy I could do ANYTHING at that time of day.