366 Days, 366 Photos: 02/09/2008

Bumblebee in paradise, shot by Natalie Kardos

I took the macro lens to Balboa Park this morning and shot about 8 trillion photos of flowers. About 4 trillion of these involved trying to get a bumblebee shot, and 2 trillion were of orchids. I found this guy hanging out actually in a Bird of Paradise flower and took several shots of him before the shutter click annoyed him too much and he flew off. This one was towards the end, and I’m pretty sure he’s sticking his tongue out at me.

Something I learned today – if you get to Balboa Park by 9:30AM on a weekend, there’s still plenty of parking. But if you try to go at 11 (when I was leaving), be prepared to troll the lots in search of a space.

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