366 Days, 366 Photos: 03/24/2008


My favorite pair of jeans, with my legs still in them (that’s the white blob in the upper right part of the frame). I liked the texture of the photo, and then I decided to really push it in terms of clipping the highlights and giving it really high contrast, and then mucking about with the curves in Photoshop.

I’ve decided that this 366 Days project is making me learn just as much about digital post-processing as it is about shooting. I’ve been reading up on my Strobist lately, though, so maybe someday I will break out my dad’s old Vivitar flash as well as the Speedlite and be a little more ambitious in terms of my lighting.

EXIF data

On a completely unrelated note, camera goodies I would like to get before Coachella/Alaska this summer:

  1. Lomo Fisheye 35mm camera
  2. Neutral Density filters – good for keeping a shallow depth of field when shooting rock stars in broad daylight; also good for daytime landscapes.
  3. 35mm film adapter for my Holga – because it just looks cool.
  4. A decent zoom lens – I am poor so I work mostly with prime lenses – a 50mm f1.8 and a 20mm f1.8. Other than that, all I have is the Canon kit lens, which I don’t really like. This is the least likely purchase on this list, sadly. Unless, you know, I have that birthday on May 11th…Mom?
  5. A decent tripod
  6. Wireless shutter release
  7. Off-camera shoe cord

Okay, that’s a lot of stuff. Maybe I don’t need all of it before this summer…