366 Days, 366 Photos: 04/04/2008


Taken with the SD1000 point and shoot. I don’t know why I like it, but I do. Maybe because it reminds me a little bit of this? I also like the almost-black-and-white quality.

EXIF data

Today’s 366 photo is going to have to wait until tomorrow to be posted, not because I’m lazy or can’t get around to it. My lomo fisheye 35mm camera arrived in the mail today (along with a copy of the book Atonement), so I went out and shot a test roll of Ilford Delta 400 ISO film. I immediately developed them, and even though I was unsure whether or not the developer was expired or not, or whether I had guessed the quality of light accurately enough, they turned out great. The roll of 36 exposures is now hanging up to dry in my darkroom, so I should be able to scan them in sometime tomorrow. I’m totally nerded out about this camera…I can’t wait to take it to Coachella and use it to shoot the crowds lined up along the photo barrier…