366 Days, 366 Photos: 06/07/2008


This is where I work. Click through to the Flickr page and I’ve annotated it with a bunch of notes on what stuff is. Not a technically interesting photo, but I figured I’d let people see where I spend my time when I’m not at concerts.

EXIF data

Yesterday, I was looking at some old myspace blog posts I had written before I started this “official” blog. I ended up deleting most of them, though, because honestly, they were pretty depressing. The first two years that I lived in this town, I was not a happy camper. I wrote a lot about being homesick, and how hard it was for me to find good people out here in the land of image-consciousness.

But all that’s changed now – I’ve found some really great people, and yeah, I still get homesick for family and friends back east. But these days, flying back into San Diego feels like coming home, especially when I see the Casbah out of the window of the plane.

Anyway, in the midst of all these depressing blog posts, I found this one (which, granted, was couched in the idea of homesickness and missing old friends):

Excerpt from a chat with a friend:

me: hope i wasn’t annoying when we got back [from the bar]
stealing the chips and throwing my flipflops around
hehe bob and i walked back from the bar barefoot

Joseph: flip flops?

me: yeah i threw them into your room

Joseph: hehe.. last week i hammer danced barefoot back from east st

’nuff said. my friends are awesome.

And yeah, my friends back home are still awesome. But so are my friends here. I now have friends who don’t look at me weird when I say I want to go muck around in the half-built building next to Hamilton’s. Or who go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon with me on a week’s notice.

Life is good.