366 Days, 366 Photos: 07/28/2008

07/28/2008 - Swim Party - Pixie Dust on the Blood Range

No EXIF data, since these are three separate photos.

Funny that I post this on the heels of the SDMA nominees, as Swim Party is nominated in two categories: Best Alternative Album and Best Alternative band.

This is the limited edition version of Pixie Dust on the Blood Range. It’s a gorgeous piece of mixed media artwork designed by Alex (who needs to put up a website for his graphic design so I can link to it). That’s a real match on the back cover. The book page on the front cover is from Slaughterhouse Five, and the page number designates where your CD falls in the 200 copies of the album. I’ve got number two 🙂 Hopefully I can restrain myself from accidentally spilling water all over this copy like I did with regular version of the album…