366 Days, 366 Photos: 09/13/2008


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This was…not the best night ever. Almost got into a car accident on the way to the Casbah when someone decided to take a right turn from the left lane, cutting us off in the process.

Got to the Casbah and realized it was a sold out show. I was on the list, P was not, and I didn’t want to ditch him because he drove. So I talked to Josh and ended up transferring my spot on the list to someone who was trying to get in for a friend’s birthday (Karma, do you hear me?).

We headed elsewheres, other incidents ensued, and can we just say that growing up with my dad has not helped me learn how to deal with another person’s temper AT ALL? I’ll pencil that in on my list of shortcomings. No wonder my last really successful relationship was with someone who was on beta-blockers