366 Days, 366 Photos: 09/17/2008


EXIF data

Sometimes science is pretty.

It’s a Bradford Assay in a 96-well plate. The top 3 rows are actually the oxidized dyes from a previous assay – they used to look like the blue/green/brown rows lower down. The first 9 wells across (in triplicate) are protein samples with known concentration, which I used to create a standard curve. Wells 10-12 are my sample, the sample diluted 1:10, then 1:100. Because the assay only works within a certain range.

Science is a pain in the ass, too.

But hey, I got enough protein from my cells to do what I wanted to do. Yay for me.

I lit the 96-well plate from below with the light table in our gel imager. I was originally going to take the photo with the imager, until I remembered that it only takes B&W photos. So I just held my P&S camera over the plate…