366 Days, 366 Photos: 10/18/2008


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This photo was kinda boring to me, so I mucked with it a bunch in post-processing. Of course. I didn’t even really mean for it to be my photo of the day, but I also didn’t plan on drinking and hanging out with an acquaintance-turned-friend until 2:30AM. Sometimes these things happen. And any night when I introduce someone to The Mountain Goats is a night to be proud of.

Also, this car reminded me of British Joe’s old Mini, which reminded me of rolling up to the Beauty Bar at Halloween two years ago with him dressed up like Austin Powers and me wearing this. It wasn’t really planned in any way, but it worked out perfectly. And, for the record, it was the only time I’ve ever felt like I fit in with the Beauty Bar crowd. When I was wearing a COSTUME.