63 People Arrested After John Mayer Concert? WTF?

Via Stereogum. Apparently 63 people were arrested after the Ben Folds/John Mayer concert in Hershey Park Stadium, due to various drug and alcohol offenses. Safe to say most of those arrests were probably for underage drinking, as Stereogum pointed out.

But seriously, drinking before a John Mayer concert? WTF?

Both my parents and my little sister were actually at that show (I grew up about 20 minutes outside of Hershey, and yes, you can smell chocolate in the air while driving down Chocolate Avenue). Weird.

Pennsylvania laws and those that enforce them are notoriously strict – i.e. you can’t buy any alcohol in a grocery store, you have to go to a state-owned store for wine and liquor, state-owned stores aren’t open on Sundays – but sheesh. That’s a lot of people.