91 References and I'm Done – At Least for Now

Ugh. Even using Endnote, putting references into papers sucks. Especially when you work in a pretty popular research field – hence the 91 references in my 8-page paper. I figure I can read through my boss’s comments at home, where I have air conditioning and decent lighting. Those would have to be my only complaints about Cream, where I’ve been hiding out the last two evenings.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some really crappy cell phone photos – better than nothing, right? Right?

This is a laundromat that I pass several times a day, as it’s at the intersection of 30th and Redwood. Every time I pass it, I chuckle at the “Tripble Load” sign:

Tripble load washers...waaay better than triple load washers!
(I also just realized that “laundromat” is misspelled. That makes this photo a two-for-one!)

Took this guy leaving lab a few months ago – thought the reflection of the exit sign was pretty neat. Also, you can make out my reflection in the window too:

Leaving lab in the evening

This one I took tonight from my “desk” at Cream. There’s some overexposure blowout on the clouds, but you get the idea. It was pretty:

Sunset from Cream coffeeshop