A Sticky Situation

Last night at a GSA (read: Graduate Students Association) meeting, I managed to spill half a cup of soda on my laptop keyboard. Turns out, the hour and a half I spent last night meticulously prying keys off the keyboard, soaking them in water, and cleaning the underlying surface with isopropanol was to no avail. Which left me with half of a keyboard that actually worked today, which wasn’t exactly amenable to typing up blog posts.

Fortunately, I bought the computer at the UCSD bookstore, so it came with a massive 3-year, complete care warranty, including “at home” service. Which means that tomorrow, some guy is going to show up in my lab to replace the keyboard, touchpad, and perhaps figure out why my computer is unhappy when I move it around (it’s a laptop, isn’t it?).

Until then, I write to you from a keyboard poached off my desktop computer that’s plugged into the USB port of my laptop. The screen feels about a million miles away, but it’s probably about where it should be anyway.

No new music news to report today, other than that I’ll be at the Vinyl Radio show at the Belly Up tomorrow night, photographing as usual.

My ears have recently been filled (mostly by way of car stereo) with Maximo Park’s newest CD, Our Earthly Pleasures. It’s full of infectious singles that will get your fingers tapping on the steering wheel or your feet tapping on the dance floor. It’s also got it’s share of that reverb-y bass that makes me love Snowden so much. Check it out, and check them out when they play the Casbah on July 28th.