Abandoned stairwell

Abandoned stairwell

A slightly different take on what Adrian posted from Macassar today.

I saw A Film About a Fort at MoPA last night, and on the drive back up to Del Mar afterwards, lots of thoughts were running through my brain. A lot of them danced around vulnerability and conflict and its necessity in art, or at least in my art. I feel like a lot of my life (and therefore my art) is a struggle between wanting to relax and find peace but also DO ALL THE THINGS. That is also mirrored in the conflict between nature and an urban lifestyle, and I think that’s what draws me to the images in the Empty Spaces project that I’ve been vaguely toying with for awhile. Little pockets of emptiness and peace in an otherwise crowded claustrophobic landscape full of wondrous and amazing distractions.

I need to explore this idea more. Yeah.