Alaska Cruise – Day One, 06/30/2008

Photos: Alaska
Photos: Seattle

At 9AM we boarded a shuttle back to the airport in order to meet up with the bus from Princess Cruise line. Once on that bus, we had a three hour drive to Vancouver to meet up with the Island Princess ship. I mostly played Final Fantasy on Angela’s Nintendo DS (I forgot how addictive that shit is) and enjoyed the scenery. And I was glad to be on the way to the ship, where hopefully I would have a little more time to myself in the upcoming days.

As soon as we set foot on the ship, my dad’s first words were, “I’m hungry.” Typical. So we dropped off our stuff in our cabin – a mini-suite, complete with a (terrible) pull-out sofa bed for me to spend the next week sleeping on.

Seagull outside our balcony

Had some complimentary champagne on our balcony, and was forced by my parents to participate in the lifeboat drill. Which looked mostly like this:

Lifeboat drill

Lifeboat drill

After that, we headed up to the lunch buffet. Where I ate the weirdest combination of chicken curry, mashed potatoes, and pasta. Don’t ask.

Atrium of the Island Princess

We departed from Vancouver that afternoon and started sailing north. We explored the ship a bit, and then ate ourselves silly at dinner.

Bridge in Vancouver

Leaving Vancouver

The sun set around 9:30PM and it was GORGEOUS. A glowing red ball sinking behind some mountains. I took WAY too many photos of it, but oh well. It was the best sunset we saw during the whole cruise.





And at 10:30PM, there was still a red stripe in the sky along the horizon. I’ve already posted this photo, but it bears repeating. When I get home, I’m framing it and hanging it in my living room. A perfect end to the day.