Alaska Cruise – Day Seven, 07/06/2008

Photos: Alaska
Photos: Seattle

For all intents and purposes, the last day of the cruise.

Foggy mountain

Spent most of the day getting to College Fjord. And most of the day on the ship relaxing.

Glacier in College Fjord

Again, the glaciers were amazing, but it was foggy and rainy. So I didn’t get a whole lot in the way of photos.

Sea Lions on iceberg


I don’t think I got any decent photos of Harvard Glacier, which was massive – 2.5 miles wide. And the whole reason for the fjord to begin with.

Glacier and icebergs

The whole reason it’s called “College Fjord” is because all the glaciers are named after “elite colleges” (according to Wikipedia). Because I guess some people care about that kind of thing…