Alaska Cruise – Day Six, 07/05/2008 – Glacier Bay

Photos: Alaska
Photos: Seattle

It’s been hard to get motivated to write about the final two days of the cruise part of my trip. Not because they weren’t exciting. But because they were foggy and rainy and the light was just FLAT. Which makes my photos not exciting. Except for this sunrise photo:

Sunrise at 4:45AM

It’s hard to capture the essence of a glacier in photos. Because the really awe-inspiring thing about them is the noise they make. The noise that says, “Hey, I’m a big-ass piece of really dense ice, and I am moving.”

Glacier Bay, AK

I should have taken a video. Just imagine a large cracking noise, almost like a gunshot, followed (maybe) by the rumbling of a rockslide (iceslide?) of icebergs into the ocean.

Glacier Bay, AK

The only other eventful thing about this day was that my mom and I walked a 5K on the deck of the ship.