Portrait Photography – Angela

Angela 03

I don’t like many women. Most of my best friends are guys. They’re just…easier for me to deal with.

Angela 18

But Angela is awesome. And fun. And a much better drummer in Rock Band than I am.

Angela 24

Did I mention she’s sassy? And totally irreverent?

Angela 02

The cemetery idea was hers. It’s right by a park where she takes her dog.

Angela 13

Angela 22

I think we were only out there for an hour or so, but she loves the camera, so I got a ton of photos. It was a good way to ease into this whole portrait thing. And oh yeah, I learned a hell of a lot about editing portraits in Photoshop by doing this. That shit is a whole ‘nother ballgame from what I’m used to…

Angela 09

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