If anyone happened to check the site Saturday night and see some inappropriate comments, I sincerely apologize. Some anonymous (to you, not to me, unfortunately), highly immature douchetard with questionable mental stability was bored and decided to create some drama out of thin air.

I don’t do drama. So I’ve hidden all comments for now until I can figure out how to delete those specific ones (I’d do it now, but it’s 1:30 AM and I’m too tired to fix the HTML on my template), which is a shame, because most of you write such nice things. I promise I’ll get to work on a solution tomorrow morning.

Oh, and from now on, no more anonymous commenting. So if you want to tell me that I look hot in my Halloween costume or whatever, you’ll have to give yourself some sort of name. Which is something I probably should have done long ago.

Regularly scheduled programming returns tomorrow. I’ll be at the Casbah for their free show tomorrow night (Yay Modlins!), so swing on by if you want to buy me a drink (or several) and hear the whole story. I’m warning you, though, it’s a long one.