August 2011 mixtape


This mix is super late and I know, there hasn’t been much activity over here lately. In the past month and a half I’ve traveled to Florida, the Pacific Northwest, and Boston, so rest assured, I’ve been shooting a ton. I just need to stay in one place long enough to edit and share the photos!

This month’s mix is chock full of music from the Pacific Northwest, because in August I fell deeply in love with that part of the country. The Doe Bay Music Festival was a magical event – something that I am still swooning over (or as Heather would say, “swooming”). I still haven’t been able to adequately describe the weekend in words, so just look at the above photo while listening to this month’s mix, and you’ll get a wisp of the idea.


1. Frightened Rabbit – Skip the Youth

2. Lemolo – Whale Song

3. Ravenna Woods – Ghosts

4. Hot Bodies in Motion – Old Habits

5. Bryan John Appleby – The Words of the Revelator

6. Youth Rescue Mission – Very Nice Things

7. Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys

8. Sean Walsh and the National Reserve – My Dizzy Head

9. Tony Kevin Jr – Let You Down

10. Josh Ritter – Good Man

11. Ok Sweetheart – Home

12. That Dog – One Summer Night

13. Kelli Schaefer – Black Dog

14. Thurston Moore – Benediction

15. Explosions in the Sky – Be Comfortable, Creature