Band of Horses Drama on Pitchfork

So Rosey is all famous now.

Good for Pitchfork picking up the story and turning it into something positive.

You can get caught up on the story here and here.

Since the story went out on Pitchfork, she’s received some hate comments on the original post, defending BoH frontman’s action and calling her a “whiny bitch.”

Yes, the original rant is angry, full of expletives, and probably even cringeworthy. But it’s the honest account of how she was feeling at the time the incident occurred. Put yourself in her shoes. She was a huge fan of their’s – one of the apparently few people who were at the show to hear more than just “Funeral.” She took a few photos (she always only takes a few – one of the most discreet photographers I know in this town), then set up to take video of, gee, their most popular song. Probably the song people will search for on YouTube when determining whether or not to see the band in concert.

And then, out of the sea of people doing the same thing as her, she was the one who got singled out. I don’t care if the singer was having a bad day, or if he was pissed because most people were only there to here one song, the one single (I think it’s the only one) off of their one album. You don’t attack your fans. They are your bread and butter. Without them, you won’t make a single cent from your albums.

I’ve had bad days before. And yes, I’ve wanted to take out my anger and frustration on my coworkers and friends. But mature people don’t do that. They get over it.

And if you can’t get over the fact that people are taking photos and video of you, don’t play venues where it’s allowed. It might not completely remove the threat, but it will cut down on it and ensure that people like Rosey, who are doing everything for their blogs/your publicity, will go through the correct venues to get proper access.

If Ben’s been to Cane’s before (as he says he has) and knows how “jock-y” it is, why were they playing there in the first place? Yes, the Casbah’s too small, but those aren’t the only two venues in town. Hello, have they heard of the Belly Up? That seems like the perfect place for them to play – right vibe, right crowd, good sound. If your booking agent/tour manager/whatever didn’t do their job properly, direct your anger at them. Not at your fans – that’s just an all-around dumb move.

I’m glad he apologized and feels bad about the incident in retrospect. But honestly, if they want to make it as a band, it’s only going to get worse. Figure out a way to deal with it, either by playing venues with stricter photo/film policies, or by just getting over it. Your job is to play music. And the fan who only came for one song paid the same price for a ticket as the fan who came for every song. So don’t alienate either one.