Brief Recap: Penn State vs. Notre Dame @ Penn State, 9/8/2007

This is not a football blog and will never be a football blog. I only really care about one team, and only have a few things to say about the game today. We definitely got even for our loss to Notre Dame last season, which was terribly painful for me to watch. ND’s quarterback Jimmy Clausen played damn good for a true freshman in his first start, and I’m a little scared of what he’ll become in the next three years. I almost felt bad for him, because his defense let him down time and time again. Oh, and all the penalties they had? Most of them were false starts, delay of game, or too many men on the field because the whited-out crowd was so loud. ND ended the game with, um, 0 rushing yards (I shit you not) and still no offensive touchdowns this season (the touchdown they did get was off of an interception).

Shit, I would have given just about anything to be in those stands today.

Also, Derrick Williams is my new football crush.