Brief Show Review: The National @ The Casbah, 9/27/2007

I can’t write much, because I have to wake up in four hours to drive 10 hours or so to the Grand Canyon. But Jesus Christ, The National did it again. Their last show here, which was about a year ago, completely blew me away and made me appreciate Alligator even more than I already did, which was a lot. I think this show did the same for me with Boxer. All I can say is, I was shaking throughout the entire show and “About Today” made my face do that twitchy thing that means tears aren’t too far away.


Full write-up and photos will follow once I get back from this nature adventure. But seriously, do whatever you can do to see these guys live as soon as possible. I imagine this is how most people feel after seeing Arcade Fire.

Oh, and Matt Berninger gave me two drink tickets. That was pretty awesome, even though I wasn’t leaving my spot front and center.