Busy Saturday

I thought weekends were for relaxing???

Checklist for tomorrow:

  1. Watch Penn State football game, starting at 9.
  2. Stop by Kendra’s going away party
  3. Habitat House Popluck (12-7 @ 1008 21st street) – FREE but bring food. I’m baking chocolate chip cookies with walnuts right now. At midnight.
  4. Shooting the Dynamite Walls CD release party at the Belly Up.

Alternative options for number 4:

  • Swim Party, Sinfonia Antartica, Joanie Mendenhall @ Alibi
  • Vitro, The Vultures, The Widows @ Tower Bar
  • Chromatics @ Pink Elephant with the wonderful Skull Kontrol DJs

It’s a good thing that I’ll have two days to rest up after all this.