Che Cafe bathroom graffiti

I’ve been in the Che Cafe bathroom a few times before, but never managed to take any photos of the graffiti adorned walls/ceiling/mirror/etc. I never had the equipment (wide-angle lens) before, nor, frankly, the idea. But it is pretty much a total visual overload in there.

che cafe graffiti

ignorance is contagious.  repression kills freedom.  don't follow.  don't lead.  just live.
“Ignorance is contagious. Repression kills freedom. Don’t follow. Don’t lead. Just live.”

this was written on the ceiling...
This was written on the ceiling. Contort – what you have to do in order to close the stall doors.

che cafe graffiti

And finally…
If I ever publish a book of photography, this might have to be the cover
If I ever get to the point where I actually publish a book of photos, this might have to be the cover.