Coachella 2012 Weekend One photos


In case you missed it via Facebook or Twitter, my photos from Coachella weekend one were published on Pitchfork last weekend.

Friday (more on Facebook)

Saturday (more on Facebook)

Sunday (more on Facebook)

I’m a nerd, so I kept a pedometer on me to see how much ground I covered during those three days. All told, I walked 36,650 steps in those three days. Based on a conversion of 2000 steps to a mile, I walked over 18 miles while shooting 43 bands. And I FINALLY rode the Ferris wheel.

Since I’m a sucker for punishment – or so it seems – I’m heading out to the desert again tonight to shoot Saturday and Sunday all over again. I’m hoping to have more photos of both weekends edited and posted on my Facebook page next week, so keep your eyes open.