Coachella accomodations

This is probably a long shot, but what the hell.

It turns out that I’m going to Coachella this year, somewhat unexpectedly. A lot of hotels are completely booked already, at least the ones in my price range. I’m toying with the idea of camping, but honestly, since I’m going to be there all 3 days, I’d like to have somewhere that I can shower and a decent bed/spot on a hotel floor if at all possible.

My question is, is anyone else going that has a hotel room booked already, that would be willing to let me crash on the floor? Obviously, I’d be willing to pay for that floor space. And please, no sketchiness. That’s just wrong.

Anyway, if anyone can help me out, drop me an email at natkardos AT gmail DOT com, preferably with info on where the hotel is (Indio vs. Palm Springs, etc.) and how much the daily rate is. Thanks!

Update: Thank god for the UCSD biomedical sciences listserve. I’m sharing a room in Palm Springs with 3 other cool people that I know and like, and it’s only $150 each for the weekend. Score!