Coachella photos up on Pitchfork

Pitchfork’s posted my photos from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Coachella, which you can check out here. There are also some fantastic photos by fellow photographer Chris Tuite.

I have to say, I had an amazing time this year. Splitting up the bands between two photographers took off a lot of the pressure I had last year, and I actually managed to shoot even more bands this year. And enjoy the music as well.

Unfortunately, my throat is trashed and I’m dead tired (I think I got an average of 3.5 hours of sleep per night since Thursday night), so I’ll probably lay low for a few days. Eventually, I’ll be posting more photos from Coachella, as I get the time to go through them, so keep a lookout for them here.

Update: The feature article, including some of our photos, is now up here.