Collection of Decemberists' Videos from the Hollywood Bowl Show

Roughly in set order:

“The Crane Wife 1 & 2”

“The Infanta”

“We Both Go Down Together”

“The Bagman’s Gambit” (incomplete)

“Odalisque” (sound is pretty low)

No video for “The Perfect Crime 2”

“Los Angeles, I’m Yours”

No video for “The Tain” yet (maybe because it’s 18 minutes long?)

No video for “O Valencia!” (shame because it was one of my favorites)

“I Was Meant for the Stage”

Encore – “The Chimbley Sweep”

That should be enough to tide me over until the live CD (DVD?) comes out. At least, I hope one will – I’d buy it in a second.

Credit to “okeastron” for most of the videos. Next time maybe I’ll sneak my camcorder in?