Contact Sheet

contact sheet small

Just a preview of what happens when two photo nerds spend four hours wandering downtown and taking photos. I randomly decided to bring the Holga and some Fuji Neopan Acros 100 film. I really, really like these shots. So much so that after I developed them, I couldn’t wait for them to dry and scan them in. So I took photos of the negs, which I then inverted in Photoshop and put together in this mock contact sheet. They look a lot flatter than the negs do, but it works well enough for a preview. Hopefully I’ll be scanning some in later tonight.

Developed in D76 1:1 at 79 degrees for 6.5 minutes (pushed past ISO 100 by about 15 seconds).

Yeah, it looks like I now have a reason to spend some time in my darkroom making prints.