Dappled Cities (Fly) Show Preview

Tonight, Aussie band Dappled Cities (Fly?) are opening for the Tokyo Police Club at the Beauty Bar.

The “(Fly?)” part of their name comes from the fact that they previously released EP and album A Smile were released under the name “Dappled Cities Fly.” According to their wikipedia entry (which is filed under “Dappled Cities Fly” as well), “The album’s cover artwork is noteworthy in having the band’s name as just “Dappled Cities”, minus the word “Fly”; however as Tim Derricourt explained to The Drum Media magazine, this was done mainly for artistic reasons, and does not amount to a formal name change for the band.” Interesting.

But no matter what their formal name is or isn’t, their second album Granddance is filled with the kind of music you’d imagine The Twilight Sad playing, if they all discovered falsettos and antidepressants. At least that’s how it sounds to me.

Here’s the official vid for “Vision Bell,” off of Granddance:

“Fire Fire Fire”:

And finally, an interview from intheraw with Dave Rennick (guitar/vocals/keyboard/Aussie indie rock pin-up boy) – it’s over a year old, but still funny: