Daytrotter features Grand Ole Party

In some well-deserved San Diego love, Daytrotter features a session with locals Grand Ole Party. Understandably, they gush over Kristin.

Not shy, but purposely reserved, Gundred would be fingered as the person least likely to show such blinding and daring fury to go along with this reckless, but verbose abandon that is the engine oil of the San Diego band’s debut, Humanimals.”

Gundred will likely always be linked with that nasty Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Karen O comparison (you’ve likely already seen it in every mention of the band), but she’s more of the dark places that Jim Morrison went to when he got really drunk or really high and she’s actually more of Eric Burdon of The Animals. She finds blackness everywhere she thinks, everywhere she looks.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.