December 2012 mix

December mixtape

Posting this mix without too much comment, as it’s already more than halfway through January. Enjoy!


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1. Joshua James – Coal War
Joshua James released a new album at the end of November, but while exploring his catalog, I got stuck on this gem.

2. Daughter – Medicine

3. Carson Henley – Give It Up

4. Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s – On a Freezing Chicago Street
The Dust of Retreat is the Margot album that I always go back to, and given that I experienced those freezing streets of Chicago first-hand over Christmas, this song had to be on the mix.

5. Pepper Proud – Dig

6. The Wallflowers – 6th Avenue Heartache
Don’t hate. While in Vacouver briefly one weekend, I ended up in a conversation about personal music evolution (as a listener, not as a creator). This album fits squarely in that timeline – I still remember queuing it up as we left the high school’s parking lot on a 3-week summer camping trip. We ended up listening to the full album on the wet, dark drive back to Seattle, and I still know every word to every song on it.

7. alt-J – Something Good

8. David Wax Museum – Harder Before It Gets Easier

9. Charles Bradley – Lovin’ You, Baby
A couple got engaged to this song at the show in Seattle. It was amazing.

10. Motopony – God Damn Girl

11. The Dimes – Abigal, Don’t Be Long

12. Night Beds – Hope for Everything That Is Not Here

13. Loch Lomond – Elephants & Little Girls

14. Campfire OK – Our Hearts Beat Light
If you have a chance to see this band, DO IT. Their show at Neumos was incredible and I’m still mad at myself for not taking my camera along.

15. Ben Fisher – Cast Your Line