eMusic picks for May

I have a tendency to sit on my downloads until the very last week I can use them. It’s weird. For some reason I tend to look for new music when I’m not really in the mood to find it. Like at work, while I’m analyzing DNA sequences or something like that. Anyway, here are the ones I settled on for this month:

  • Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham – L’Aventura
    • This was an old, and quite random pick. Don’t really remember how I stumbled upon it, but it’s good. Real pretty.
  • New Ruins – The Sound They Make
    • I was curious when I saw that they were recommended to people who like the National. Of course, nothing surpasses the National in my opinion, but these guys kind of sound like the National crossed with Modest Mouse. For the most part it works. Especially those violin bits.
  • The Headlights – Kill Them With Kindness
    • I want to say that this sounds somewhat like the Blow, but a little less sugary sweet. That comes with the disclaimer that I haven’t listened to the Blow in awhile, but I plan on rectifying that soon. It’s pretty good. Apparantly I was in a real mellow mood this month.
  • Postal Blue – Postal Blue [EP]
    • I’m having Belle and Sebastian flashbacks listening to this. Not a bad thing at all.