Excerpt from Annie Leibovitz's new book

Annie Gets Her Shot

Annie Leibovitz tells the stories behind some of her most well-known photos. Including stories of being on tour with the Rolling Stones. I can only imagine the craziness.

But here’s the part that really struck me:

He [Robert Frank] said to me, “You can’t get every picture.” That was comforting advice. You do miss things. You’re attached to this machine. To its timing. Things are moving in front of you and you’re supposed to capture them, but it’s not always possible. Robert Frank didn’t seem to be missing anything, though. He was tireless. He never stopped working.

Sometimes I obsess over the photos I’m missing. Hell, I still have anxiety dreams about being in the pit for Radiohead, and that worked out fine (even though at the time I thought I was getting absolute crap for photos). Sometimes it’s okay to leave the camera at home for a show or two. I still always feel a bit guilty for it, though.

It’s odd to think that 5 years ago I was the most negligent person in terms of documenting my life. And now here I am, writing a blog and taking photos every day for a year. Funny how that happens.