Lack of posting = I am in the grant-writing cave.

Seriously, folks, the government doesn’t make it easy for you to get money from them.

It’s not the scientific research part of the grant that’s killing me. It’s the inane paperwork, the filling out of seemly random numbers and letters in their proper spots and finding out who needs to sign off on what to make it all official. All while my lab is packing up and fleeing northwards.

Microsoft Word is being the bitch it always is. I hates it. Hatessssss it. And please, the first person to suggest that I should switch to a Mac is going to get clobbered.

I will be venturing forth from this cave to attend the Iron and Wine show tonight, because honestly, listening to them now is the only thing that’s allowing me to cling to my sanity. Also, I am reviewing the show for Impose Magazine.

Back to work now.