It’s back to D.C. tomorrow, for two days with my brother before my sister and I fly back to warmer lands. I arrive in San Diego at 8:30PM on New Year’s Eve. Wooo! I’m guessing my plans will involve dropping my stuff off at my apartment, grabbing my bike, and heading to the Whistlestop. I’ve never bought into that “drop a shitload of money and hang out with a bunch of douchebags who are all trying to get laid” scene any night of the year, and especially not New Year’s (that’s why I pretty much avoid PB and the Gaslamp, and why the Whistlestop is the only San Diego bar in which guys have ever succeeded in getting my phone number).

Anyway, I thought I’d wrap up my trip to Harrisburg with some photos of the family. As stressful and loud as they can be, I still love ’em, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The head of the household on Christmas morning, shot by Natalie Kardos

As the real head of the household, my mom was running around all morning, so I missed out on getting a photo of her.

Older Sister
Older sister, shot by Natalie Kardos

Little Brother
Little brother, shot by Natalie Kardos

Reading in the sunlight
Little sister, shot by Natalie Kardos