Fancey Opening for New Pornographers @ House of Blues September 18th

mp3: Fancey – Lost In Twilight

I just got word that Fancey is opening up for the New Pornographers for their show at the House of Blues on September 18th. Todd Fancey, naturally one of the band’s members, is also a member of the New Pornographers, which makes things pretty convenient. Can we get Neko Case to open as well? And Destroyer? Jesus that would just about be the best band bill ever…

Official press release:

Fancey’s “Schmancey” Album Arrives / Tour Coming Up Soon!

Don’t you love all the extra mail you get after a long weekend? Well, we’re particularly thrilled this Tuesday, because the brand new album by Fancey just showed up. It’s called “Schmancey,” and it’s pretty damn amazing. If all goes well, you should be able to hear the whole thing for yourself by September 14th.

That same day, bandleader Todd Fancey starts a serious indie-rock double duty tour. He’ll be opening the show with Fancey, and then roaming stage left behind his Gibson Explorer with his other long-time band, The New Pornographers.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, raised as a student of 70’s AM Radio, and also a closet metal-head, Fancey’s music can most simply described as “soft rock that rocks,” but be careful not to oversimplify, because there’s a lot going on here, as evidenced by the reviews for their debut album:

“a varied, always melodic, and an often breathtaking tour through ’70s pop and more recent indie pop” –

“That pop music can be feel-good without being saccharine seems to be a point in need of reminder. Leaving a Post-It on the fridge is Todd Fancey, with his breezy, blue-sky debut. “Carry Me” layers sun-drenched Beach Boys’ harmonies, bouncy Wurlitzer and the requisite escapist lyrics about leaving town or going into outer space.” – Rolling Stone

So how does “Schmancey” compare to this? On first listen, things seem a bit darker, with a greater range of styles and moods in evidence. Lead-off track “Lost In Twilight,” currently available at, recalls the uptempo summer pop of the first album, but from there we’re quickly off into the dreamy, almost woozy “Gulf Breeze” and the country-tinged lament “Fader.” We’re also particularly enthralled by the contributions of Todd’s ex-girlfriend, Sara Lapsley, a key member of the band’s continuing partnership, who shines on the gorgeous fade-out of “Let The Breeze In.”

Even the title is great – “Schmancey.” Yeah, I know, if you had a band named Fancey you’d probably think you’d be smart enough to call your album that, too..