First Impressions of Seattle

Looking out of the window of the plane as it landed, I could tell I was going to like Seattle. It looks just enough like home. There are clouds. Things are green. Tall trees! In a weird way it actually makes me feel homesick.

Maybe because my parents are here? Although they have yet to materialize from the Pike Pub. When I texted my mom to tell her I was at the hotel, her response was “C u soon. R @ pike pub!” Yeah that’s right – my mom texts like a 15-year-old girl. I kind of love her for it.

Or maybe it’s because a friend from high school (although I honestly can’t remember, I might have met him in elementary or middle school) is in town for the same optometry convention that my dad is here for. Small fucking world, right?

Also, Adrian came up with some alternate names for this blog in case I ever move up here. With a choice between and, I’m inclined to go with the latter. Although I might have to shorten it to just