FM94.9 Independence Jam: Santogold

Photos: FM94.9 Independence Jam

Not too much commentary on these photos, because some damn late-night mockingbirds and an 8AM journal club (last…one…EVER!) ensured that I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I’m only assuming they were mockingbirds, because what else can so accurately replicate a car alarm and a gym coach whistle?!?

I missed Nortec Collective because the party bus left Hamilton’s at ~12:35PM and their set started at 12:40PM. Not really the best planning, but oh well. After having to tell the security guy three times that I had a photo pass hanging around my neck (“I don’t know, that camera looks kinda big…”), we got in, got our ID wristbands, and headed down to the football field for Santogold.