Fun with Film

Some scanned-in negatives off of a roll of ISO 400 black and white film:

Autoclave pipes
Autoclave pipes in my lab building. P.S. Autoclaves sterilize things with steam, heat, and high pressure…

but they can also melt things too:

Autoclave meltdown

That’s two metal racks that normally sit in the autoclave, joined together by the plastic remnants of a bin that didn’t have a high enough temperature rating. The culprit was someone from the lab down the hall – it happened about 6 months ago, and they still haven’t bothered to chisel it off to make the racks useful again. Of course, that’s how long it for me to drag my camera in and take a photo of it.

Pineapple tree
This is a photo of what I refer to as a “pineapple tree,” because, well, it looks like a big freaking pineapple. Taken on a walk around my neighborhood.

More to come, whenever I get a chance to borrow my friend’s neg scanner again.