Good Night

The Independence Jam today was a blast – as you can tell if you’re following my twitter feed. There was a minor snafu with the security on the main stage (I need to be escorted to the pit by someone with an all-access pass? WTF?), but that was fairly quickly sorted out with the help of Owen and Tim Mays.

I finally got my photos of MGMT. Long story, but Andrew’s (of MGMT) dad found my photos of Yeasayer on Flickr awhile back and emailed me to say he liked my photos. I didn’t get any of MGMT that time (Casbah was too crowded to get up front), but I promised him that next time around I’d be sure to. I love the internet.

Cold War Kids were awesome, all the local bands rocked, and the Hold Steady? I grew up and went to college in two different small towns where the only thing to do was drink. Well, there was the football in the latter small town, but really, that was an excuse for more drinking. So yeah, I get the Hold Steady. Love ’em. Met ’em after an in-store at Lou’s and they’re all super nice and sweet, and I’ve never seen a band happier to be on stage than they are. Also, there’s the poetry of their lyrics. I’m a fan.

The party bus back to Hamilton’s was crowded beyond belief, but everyone was in a great (drunken) mood. The driver put in a hip-hop mix, and I never thought I’d say it but I actually enjoyed hearing “Low.” P’s gonna quote me on that someday, I just know it. There was a full-on booty-shaking get-down dance party going on, and I was loving it. I’ve been on so-called “party buses” before, but this one brought it to a new level.

Thought about grabbing a beer at Hamilton’s for approximately two seconds before realizing that I was exhausted. I should have been asleep awhile ago, but I’ve been uploading photos. I hope to get some posted by tomorrow, but Mr. Pyles was talking up his show at the Casbah, so who knows.

Just realized – I leave for Alaska in 2.5 weeks. Just in time, too, because I’ve been having itchy feet for awhile, and road trips aren’t really economical anymore, given the current price of gas…