Half-assed Show Review: Republic of Letters @ Ken Club, 6/29/2007

Last night was kind of a fuckup.

I meant to go to the Sports Club to see The Infants, since it’s been a few months, and they really kick ass.

And we did go to the Sports Club. We parked two blocks away, then were walking up to the door when I realized that I had left my wallet at home, in my pants pocket. Serves me right for wearing a dress out in public.

Unfortunately, the bouncer that I know there wasn’t working, so I didn’t think there was any way I could talk myself into the bar. Especially not after being carded at Roundtable pizza on campus earlier in the day because I “looked really young.”


As it was already 10PM, and I knew Republic of Letters was playing at the Ken Club at 11, and that the parking situation by the Sports Club was only going to get worse, we decided not to make our way back. After a brief stopover at my place to retrieve my cash and ID, we were off to the Ken Club.

Once there, I ran into Lauren, a guy I know from UCSD grad school and who is in two bands that use the same rehearsal space as Republic of Letters. It’s still pretty bizarre to be standing next to someone at a bar and realize that you know them from a completely different area of your life. Anyway, we chatted for a bit and I told him about the photography stuff I’ve been doing.

And speaking of photography, I didn’t even attempt to take photos last night. To call the lighting at the Ken Club abysmal wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration, and after processing the ton of photos I took Wednesday night, I was content to leave my camera in it’s bag.

Republic of Letters put on a solid set, as usual, including a cover of “Born to Run.” The Springsteen/U2 vibe was definitely there, and to me, that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s been really cool to see these guys progress during the last 3 or so years that I’ve been following them. Afterwards, we hung around for a little bit, but the band side was about a million degrees, and the bar side was super crowded, probably the most crowded I’ve ever seen the Ken. The people watching was fun for a bit, but after awhile my friend and I both got tired and decided to call it a night. Kinda bummed that I didn’t hang around until Rosey stopped by, but I was just really dragging, even with my 1.5 hour nap earlier in the day.

Tonight it’s looking like I’ll be at the Casbah for another all-locals show. Come on out and say hi.