Head in the Sand: Banana as "Atheist's Nightmare"

Saw this via Kottke, then it was picked up by Boing Boing.

Kottke’s commentary:

Not that this guy cares or whatever, but the modern banana is a cultivated fruit…i.e. pressured by humans to, oh what’s the word…evolve into its present form. And other varieties of bananas are smaller or larger and differently shaped. Some wild bananas have large hard seeds. I could go on….

No, the real atheist’s nightmare is why are so many of them nice people? I’m pretty sure I’m an atheist myself, but I don’t have a decent answer to that question…If no one’s judging you, and there’s no afterlife in which you might be rewarded for being a good person, why aren’t we all just completely selfish assholes?

Also: the obviously fake background in the video makes me laugh. HARD.