"Hear Me Play My Violin Again…"

I am giddy with glee about The National’s show at the Casbah tomorrow night. Hope you got your tickets already, because this show is SOLD OUT. As well it deserves to be. I bought mine pretty much the minute they went on sale (and even so, had to finagle a spot on the list to help out a friend who wasn’t so forward-thinking).

There was no way I was going to miss seeing the band that’s already given me the best live show I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

Alligator‘s been out for two years, and in the full straight year that I’ve been listening to it, it’s never gotten old. It actually has gotten better and better as I keep discovering new layers to the songs, new bits about each one that make me happy.

Boxer was an album that I was literally afraid to listen to at first, because I loved Alligator so much and found it more than a little hard to believe that these guys could top that album. But they did. I honestly can’t say which album I like better, because they’ve both proven to be growers and Alligator had a year’s lead on Boxer.

But I’ve said all of this before. Now, what I’m saying is, I think I’m just as excited for this show as most people are to see the Arcade Fire. Although, also a little scared, because I don’t want them to not be as good as they were the last time I saw them, but I can’t even imagine how it could be better. They managed to do it with an album, now let’s see if they can do it with a live show…