Holga Photos: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 07/08/2008

Photos: Alaska – Holga
Photos: Alaska – Land Tour
Photos: Alaska – Cruise

So, remember how I went to Alaska last summer? I shot a few rolls of film with my Holga, and JUST NOW realized that I never posted them anywhere. I mean, in all fairness, this one sat in my fridge for almost a year before I finally gave in and took it to George’s to get it developed (as opposed to doing it myself). I figured it would be a welcome break from the Coachella photos…

And for the record, I thought Prudhoe Bay was one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been to. If you can look past all the oil drilling equipment.

Prudhoe Bay, AK - 04

Prudhoe Bay, AK - 01

Prudhoe Bay, AK - 03

Prudhoe Bay, AK - 05