How to Turn a Crappy Day into a Good One

First, how to have a crappy day:

1. Have trouble getting out of bed/out the door so that you’re biking like hell to make it to 30th and University in time to catch the 10 bus.

2. Slam into an opened car door at 30th and North Park Way. Flip over handlebars. Simultaneously be thankful that you were wearing your helmet and freaked out that your laptop is in your backpack.

3. Nothing’s broken, but curse like hell at the guy who didn’t look before opening his car door. Get his name/number and get back on bike in order to get up to campus to get checked out at student health.

4. Get to bus stop just in time to see the 10 bus pull away. Wait 15 minutes for the next bus, and subsequently get on the 9:30 Hillcrest shuttle instead of the 9:00 one.

5. Go into work, then student health. Right shoulder is strained, pay $10 for them to clean up the brushburn on my right forearm, find out I have not one, but two sties in my right eye. Have to split a plate of cells at work even though my shoulder is not happy with pipetting.

How to make that day better:

1. Go home early. Right shoulder is preventing work from being done, and hot compresses are needed for the sties in my eye.

2. Make lunch and watch part of “A Skin, A Night.” Take nap on couch for two hours (albeit with really weird dreams that weren’t so good).

3. Get woken up by phone call from old friend from undergrad. Bitch about grad school (he got an even worse deal than I did), etc. for almost an hour.

4. Contemplate trip to Boston in fall to visit said friend.

5. Decide to only go into work for two hours tomorrow.